June 1, 2015

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What May Crawl Inside You.

In Tell No Lies But Keep Secrets the NWO used these type of robots but, at a greater micron level to administer their DeLeTe program.  The DeLeTe program was shot into a person's body via the solar neutrino stream and once in based on a trigger walked to different parts of the host's body and performed it next set of instructions.

DeLeTe program stands for Delayed Life Termination program.  A Delete program is a pre-programmed death bomb that uses nano tech and subatomic manipulations to perform the Delete.

A link to an article
on the present day status of this future tech.

Tiny 'origami' robot walks, swims and self-destructs: Magnetic folding device could soon help perform surgery inside the body

April 19, 2013

Samsung BMI Cap for Mobile Devices from MIT Tech Review

Here's an article (with video) from MIT Technology Review.  It profiles the Samsung EEG Cap being used to control a tablet device.  Voice commands in combination with the EEG cap allows the user to control the device with the need for any more traditional input device, including the not so new touch screen.

This is a bit behind in that you should be able to fully control the device without any need for voice control.  It will also maintain your privacy over voice control which should be used in private not public.  Most mobiles are used in public settings.

Whenever those that have the knowledge releases it then you should find true BMI mind controlled devices and there also would be no need for an ugly cap.  Who really would be caught dead in public wearing such a thing?  You could wirelessly control the device.  The BMI tech will have to be tuned into your unique human frequency which we all have.

I put up some research links as this technology was mentioned in the Tell No Lies But Keep Secrets sci-fi.

The article's link:  http://www.technologyreview.com/news/513861/samsung-demos-a-tablet-controlled-by-your-brain/